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The Guiltless Vacation Packing Guide

There’s nothing more exciting that a upcoming vacation. Your out of office is on, your purchased enough reading material to get you through the flight (and yes a gossip magazine or two is necessary). The only thing left to do is pack. Eurrgghh! If like us, you dread this task; are always overweight or pack the wrong items. Fear not we’re hear to help!.
We’ve put together a little guide to help all your packing fears. So you can successfully make sure you have all the essentials for your upcoming vacation without the stress of spending hours packing and re-packing your suitcase. Its important to remember that less really is more as even though you make think you need an outfit change for every different activity, you don’t! A well planned capsule wardrobe is much wiser, plus it will also save time when getting dressed on vacation, which means more time to explore or on the beach.
  1. Before you even starting putting anything in your suitcase, lay everything out you want to take; it may seem a bit cumbersome but trust us its worth it. It will enable you to clearing see what you’re planning to take and you will avoid over packing and doubling up on items.
    When you’re deciding what to take pack wisely; layers are always a good idea not only are they more versatile but thinner clothing is easier to pack. If you need thicker clothing, consider wearing them to travel. Also consider items that can have multiple users, we never travel without a scarf. There perfect for keeping the chills away on a flight, can be worn as a sarong or used as shawl over your shoulders on chilly evening. Also thin cotton shirts are good: they can be worn as alone, used as cover up on the beach, or if you’re feeling risqué belted as a mini dress.
    When we‘re packing we try and follow these rules
    - Pack two tops for every bottom, as a different colour or style top with the same bottoms can create a total different look. Try to pack light and dark options for bottoms
    -Pack three types of shoes – casual, sneaker and evening shoe. Always wear heavier shoes to travel
    -If you’re low on space, make sure you pack items that can easier be mixed and matched with each other.
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    Now comes to the actual packing, we’ve got a few tricks to help you:
    - Its all about the roll. Where possible roll your items and place them at the bottom of your suitcase. Particularly soft garments but it maybe be easier to fold items made of stiffer fabrics such as smart jackets or skirts
    - Maximize all space, even the tiny gaps. For example, stuff shoes with socks or silk scarfs in small gaps
    - Protect your clothing: cover footwear with shoe bags or shower caps, pack light colored clothing inside out
    - Don’t pack full size beauty products either use travel size or refill plastic bottles. If you’re flying a note to remember if you’re filling mini plastic bottles; don’t over fill them as the package hold is not pressurized and over full bottles are likely to overflow.
    - Use empty sunglasses case to store electricity cables or jewelry, it will prevent any damages
    One last thing, don’t forget your carry-on. There are a few must haves that should be included in your carry on as you want to maximize all baggage allowance should have! We never forget to include the following items: sleeping mask, ear plugs, toothbrush, face mask (traveling always sucks the moisture out of your skin), ear plugs, pen, socks. As well as a scarf or cardigan as it can get chilly on flights. Our to go-to carry-on would be a tote, it roomy enough for all your essentials and can double up as a beach/day bag.
    Happy packing! One final tip, if you really can’t travel light we suggest using compression bags to squeeze all the air out of you clothing.