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When asked to describe herself in 3 sentences, Justine Lee says that she is a stylist, the fashion editor for Hong Kong Tatler and that she loves shoes. For just a few facts they really do hit hard. We were honored to spend a day with Justine parading the Guiltless closets and talking everything fashion.
How would you describe your personal fashion style?
I wear a lot of black- so I really like to look at textures- suede and leather are my favorites. Fox fur for winters (although it never really gets that cold in HK). I'm really a creature of habit- I wear jeans almost every single day- either with a t-shirt or a buttoned down shirt. When it's cooler, I'll wear a leather or suede jacket. I love wearing boots. I wish I could wear boots all year round.
Tell us your earliest fashion memory:
I don't really know... my mom told me she used to push me in a stroller when I was a kid and go shopping. I would be at the height of the hanging clothes tags, and I used to rip them off all the time. By the end of a shopping trip, she'd find a lot of tags in my stroller. Let's just say I started shopping at a very early age.
What is your biggest fashion disaster?
Buying stuff that I don't wear... a disaster that probably happens more often than it should.
Three things in your closet that you could never, ever get rid of?
My Saint Laurent leather and suede jackets, my giant Alaia belt, Alaia lace up heels, and my favorite pairs of black skinny Frame Denim, my fox fur jackets.
If you could choose another person’s closet to peek into, whose would it be and why?
I think I would rather go and look at a vintage archive- like NYC's Amacord or something. It's like a history class.
Who are your Favorite fashion designers / icons?
Azzedine Alaia, Hedi Slimane, Nicholas Ghesquiere (back at Balenciaga). I also really like Joseph Altuzarra. [For] Icons: Carine Roitfeld, and lately I'm really feeling the 70's. Jane Birkin is another one of mine.
Where are the best places to go shopping?
Laying on my bed and shopping online... the only way to shop.
Divulge one shopping secret:
iI's embarrassing but every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I wake up, I go on the NAP app and see what's new.
Lastly, we had to ask Justine one of the most important questions of all… What is your go-to coffee or tea?
Soy flat white, or if I really need that burst of energy... double espresso shot

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