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How to care for silk

You’re wearing your favorite silk blouse or dress, and someone knocks your hand causing your drink to spill on it. We’ve all been there, not the silk! How do I clean it? Dry cleaning is expensive and uses harsh chemicals which can damage the fabric. Remember silk is a very delicate fabric and needs to be treated with a little TLC. Just follow our simple guide below and you can successfully look after your silk garments at home!
Hand wash using cold water and a gentle oil-free liquid hand soap. Ensure the water is cold as anything above 30c will weaken the fabric and damage the fibers. Also don’t hand wash at the same time as other non-silk products, even though you may feel it will be more time efficient, it could damage the fibers which could lead to tears and cause the fabric to become brittle.
To dry, squeeze or drab with a towel, never twist or wring, as this can damage the delicate silk fibers. Let the silk dry naturally by hanging it up, but just make sure its away from direct sunlight. On the plus side, silk dries quickly and won’t need much time to dry. Once its dry, iron the item straight away, this will give the fabric back its sheen and softness.
A small note to remember when hand washing your silk item make sure the soap is either a special silk detergent or a PH neutral soap. Harsh chemicals and silk do not mix well together.
This is super important! Silk needs to be stored properly to ensure you prevent moths and damp. In order to reduce moisture, try not to use plastic storage containers, as they will trap moisture inside. Especially when its warm, plastic containers are the perfect conditions for moths and moth larvae. The ideal storage solution for silk is breathable cotton bags, as they allow air to circulate. The addition of storing silk items wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, will protect against dust, bugs and contact with other items.
Other tips
- When spot cleaning avoid using chemical spot cleaners and instead use cold water and an oil-free soap on the stain. Then drab the area dry with a towel.
- Never use bleach on silk, as the harsh chemical will damage the delicate fibers.
- Try to avoid spraying perfume or hairspray near silk items to prevent any unnecessary damage to the fabric.
- Only dry clean silk items, if the care labels suggested dry cleaning
We hope you picked up some useful tips, and know you’ll now be able to care for your silk items hassle free at home! Don’t forget to follow on Instagram @Guiltless for daily hot picks