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Guiltless Guide to Detoxing your Closet!

The month of January is always about new beginnings: new body, new exercise regime, new outlook on life. Your closet should be no exception! Clearing your closet of unwanted items, and re-organizing it is actually more enlightening and soothing for the soul than you may think. It will give you more space (or room for new purchases) as well as making getting dressed in the morning easier as you closet will be better organized. Plus, you’ll never know what you may find lurking in the back of your closet.
Simple rules to follow
No closet detox is complete without recycling, donating or consigning your items. Throwing things in the bin should definitely be the last resort! There are far too many clothes in landfill sites, let’s try and make 2017 the year we reduce clothing waste. Ok rant over! We’ve created a list of things to consider, when you’re sorting through your closet:
- When was the last time you worn it? If its more than 6 months ago and you haven’t had the desire to wear it again you probably won’t
- If you’ve never worn it, why not? Name five occasions that you would wear it and with what items (that you currently have) would you pair it with. This will help you realize why you haven’t ever worn it. Be strict with yourself!!
- I love this item, but it doesn’t fit me properly. We’ve all got items in our closet that we’ve tried on a million times, but never worn due to it not fitting properly. If it can be tailored, then its worth keeping. This also applies to items that have a stain on or are worn out. If it can’t be cleaned or repaired, then its time to recycle or donate it
Things you should definitely keep:
- Classic pieces such as a good white shirt, well cut trousers, favorite jeans etc, these can be paired with trend-led or more elaborate pieces in your closet.
- Items you wear over and over again. These pieces are trusted favorites, that you know will make you look and feel good at anytime.
Let’s get organized!
After a good sorting out, it’s the perfect time to organize your closet and storage space. It will help make it clear what you have, and even make you realize what you’re missing from your closet. Plus, if things are stored correctly it will make sure they last longer too.
Correct storage - stuff tissue in shoes to help them keep shape, store bags in dust bags and stuffed with tissue, hang as many items as you can, but remember most knitwear is best folded as hanging it will cause it to de-shape.
Categorize – organize your clothes, shoes, bag and accessories by category. This can be either color, style, season or all three if you like to be super organized. There are not set rules here, just make sure you choose categories that suit how you get dressed the best.

Just think how revitalized you’ll feel when you’ve created more space in your closet, found hidden gems that you’d forgotten about, and cleared out all those old pieces you longer wear. If the task seems a little daunting, ask a friend to help you, a second opinion is always a good thing. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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