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She’s a half-Danish, half-Chinese Eurasian girl born and raised in Hong Kong. Between Christmas’s spent strolling in the candle-lit markets in Copenhagen and Chinese family dim sum gatherings (attended dutifully) every Sunday, growing up in a mixed household has definitely made her appreciate all the thrills of contrasts.... and you can see it in her one-of-a-kind style! She’s fueled by 85% dark chocolate (what girl isn’t?), New York Times articles and the occasional luxury staycation and we think she’s a pretty rad girl.
How would you describe your personal fashion style?
Whether I’m heading to the office, or sneaking over to SOHO for a dinner catch-up with friends, I love sporting a professional fit that adheres to my fondness for a classic look. I adore a feminine cut or a crop top with a pencil skirt, dressed up with oriental, floral elements (think bold Japanese prints!) and a sultry red lipstick. Did I also mention my love for rings and nude sandal heels?
Tell us your earliest fashion memory:
My mom was #theoriginal fashionista. She definitely had a profound influence over both my sister and I when it comes to style. At the age of 5, we were given black leather lace-up boots that went all the way up to our knees to wear and as part of my mom's vision of coolness, they were stylishly paired with a glossy PVC mini-skirt, a leather jacket and shades to match!
Who is your favorite fashion icon?
My favorite fashion icon is fashion blogger, Nicole Warne. Quite the modern day success story, this Asian beauty is intelligent, driven and ahead of her years. She launched a successful Ebay store selling vintage clothing at the mere age of 20! Not to mention, I absolutely love her winged eyeliner look and ability to transform any outfit into something street style worthy
Have you ever bought anything second hand?
I remember I was 10 years old at a second hand charity sale with my mom and I saw this cute chinoserie-style Vivienne Tam chiffon skirt… If you look at it closely you'll see these Chinese figurines drifting on a lake with a pagoda visible in the background. It obviously didn't fit me at the time, but I was adamant about getting it! Now, I wear it to work every month.
Would you say your style has shaped your career or your career has shaped your style?
I am in Public Relations for a hotel in Hong Kong. In the world of hospitality, there is a good deal of emphasis on grooming… hair up in a bun, silk stockings, no peep-toe shoes, etc… But because my role is not in the Front of House, we do get away with certain things. There is more tolerance for various designs and colors in the office, which I happily take advantage of. Ever since I started with the company, the number of black dresses in my closet have definitely grown and I've also developed a liking for golden necklaces (influenced by my super hot boss, you won't believe it!).
What's your favorite outfit ever?
Crop top with a blunt neckline paired with a pencil skirt that has a high waist-seam and an elegant slit on the back.
What is your favorite blog right now?
Do you know Mimi Thorisson who started Manger, the beautiful food blog documenting a life in French countryside? If you don't, you must go and check her posts out - heavenly!The fact that she is also half-Chinese and spent her former years in Hong Kong definitely strikes a chord. I was so happy to see her recipes on wonton soup noodles and Chinese New Year comfort foods in her latest book "A Kitchen in France”.

Thank you to Jacquelyn for being our fabulous Guiltless Girl and sharing her favorite style moments and secrets with us.