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Fashion Insider: Luxury Travel Expert

She’s an original Hong Kong Eurasian who was brought up as a third culture kid around the world, has a background in Anthropology and is now a Luxury Travel Advisor at Charlotte Travel. Unlike other travel advisors in town, her job is to travel to places where her clients would want to explore, meet the relevant people and negotiate the best deals and perks for them personally. That’s a pretty sweet job if you ask us!
How would you describe your personal fashion style?
I very much live by a ‘wear what you want’ kind of motto. Summer is definitely my season because I feel most comfortable in shorts, sandals and a shirt or t-shirt – accessorizing is key though! At appropriate occasions, I tend to load my wrists with meaningful bracelets I’ve collected from different places I’ve been to. Buddhist blessings from Angkor Wat, Indian bangles from weddings, Greek evil eye bracelets – I love all that
Your biggest fashion disaster?
Matching colorful bike pants and oversized t-shirts with my best friend when I lived in Malaysia in 1999. We thought we were the Spice Girls but we clearly did not look like them. And no, I’m not going to show you a photo!
If you could choose another person’s closet to peek into, whose would it be and why?
Blake Lively has been a favorite of mine for a long time.. What she used to wear on Gossip Girl to how well she can pull off looking great, pregnant. She can wear something revealing yet look incredibly elegant and at the same time seems to be able to get out of bed and look amazing in tights or jeans. I’d also like to search her closet to see if Ryan Reynolds is in there too.
Three things in your closet that you could never, ever get rid of?
1. For each of my parents’ birthday, we would print t-shirts with our family photo on them and wear it on the day of mum or dad’s birthday. They are horrendous and we seem to pick a photo that everyone hates. I’m a huge family person and love spending time with my parents so would never be able to bring myself to throwing them away.
2. My university track pants. The most comfortable thing to wear to lounge around in at home when I’m sick or after a heavy night out. They also remind me of my lazy days at Uni with my housemates.
3. My mum got me a dress when we went to Kenya on my first safari trip when I was 3 years old. It’s white with Zebras on the front and Kenyan colored beads hanging off the sleeves and end of the dress. I LOVED it and wore it practically everyday when we were travelling Africa. Every time my mum wanted to throw it out I would kick up a fuss and cry until she gave in. It’s still in my parents’ house today and is something that brings back some amazing memories of travelling as a kid. It’s a bit old now but I still won’t let them chuck it out!
Favorite fashion designer / icon …
By far Victoria Beckham. So chic, so discrete yet so classy at the same time with an occasional touch of cool attitude.
Best places to go shopping…
Online! Hong Kong is crowded and when I shop, I know what I want so have no patience for fitting room or check out queues.  My few go-to sites are definitely ASOS, Net-A-Porter and The 9th Muse for accessories.
How much of your style is influenced by what’s trending?
Not much of it to be honest. I really like to mix and match what I have and base a lot of my wardrobe on my next travel destination. I just got back from Miami so prior to my trip, I stocked up on a lot of flowery shorts and sequin/sparkly dresses for cocktail parties.
Have you ever bought something second-hand?
Yes and I love Tokyo for this trend. I could spend days in the vintage shops in Shibuya and Harajuku. One of my best finds was a Levi’s denim jacket from the 80s which is my go-to to cover up during the Autumn months.
Your go-to coffee or tea is:
As a team that specializes in personalized and unique travel experiences, my colleagues travel a lot too so we’ve always got some exotic teas in the office. Having said that, I do love my Chinese tea and drink white tea on a regular basis. Although I’m not a big coffee person, I must say the best coffee experience was when my Italian friend brought a flask of his own amazing coffee blend with chai and cinnamon for our hike to the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town for sunrise. Delicious coffee + watching the city wake up = one of the most memorable travel experiences I’ve had.
Your favorite blog / website / book / music at the moment (go on, pimp it):
Very generic for a traveler but I am absolutely obsessed with Tuula by Jessica Stein. She’s gorgeous, stylish and travels to a lot of luxurious places and hotels I work with too. She also links a lot of what she wears to wherever they are available online and describes her blog as ‘a personal diary of wanderlust and an overflowing wardrobe’.

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