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A Very Guiltless New Year’s Eve

December is our favorite time of year not just because its Christmas but because the festive month ends with the biggest party of the year: New Year’s eve! As soon as 25th December is over (or earlier for some of us!), we’re thinking about our New Year’s eve plans. Where should we go? With who? What party look will we be sporting this year? We wanted to share some of our NYE party secrets and what we hope 2017 will bring....
Daniel - The Code Slayer
Favorite new year party look...Smart casual
Dream new year party... a party with my wife and friends
Top three Guiltless picks for a new year's eve party look.
Party drink of choice…Beer, red wine, earl grey tea
Top three party songs...Gangnam Style - PSY, Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen, Domino - Jessie J
Best new year party you've been to... last year me and my wife attended a friend's wedding in Bangkok. It was such a happy wedding party,it felt sooooo romantic. It was definitely an interesting and unforgettable new year’s eve
At midnight you'll be.. Watch movie or playing a board game with friends
Highs/lows of 2016
My low: Bought the stock, the stock dropped 20%
High: Traveling to Tibet! It’s the world's highest plateau.
Chandni - Photography Phenom
Favorite new year party look... Anything black and cute! You can never go wrong with black:)
Dream new year party… Drinks at a nice rooftop bar! So we could get a good view of the fireworks ;)
Top three Guiltless picks for a new year's eve party look.
Party drink of choice… Malibu & Coke to start off the night, and then it’s all about the shots!
Top three party songs... Apart from the Bollywood songs, 1) Lean On - Major Lazer & Dj Snake 1) Sorry - Justin Bieber. 3) Kala Chashma - Sorry, not sorry I couldn’t resist. But I just HAD to include this on my top 3 because it just never fails to get me dancing!
Best new year party you've been to… It would have to be last year; I went to watch a show with my family! It was different, and a great get together.
At midnight you'll be.. Wishing the people that I love a Happy New Year! And starting on those tequila shots...
What resolutions will you be making for 2017
To travel more, and to make more time for myself :)
Yen- Founder of Guiltless (…and the true Guiltless Shopaholic!)
Favorite new year party look...jumpsuit + fur!! (emm.. faux fur... of course... hehehe)
 Dream new year party date… ;-) me myself & !
 Top three Guiltless picks for a new year's eve party look.
ALC black belt detail jumpsuit, my party look staple
 Party drink of choice…Go big (3 shots of 151) or go home (Fu Lu Shou's Miss Hong Kong, formerly known as Creme Brulee, is the weakest but yummiest alcoholic cocktail there is!)
 Top three party songs..Hmmm  I've been listening to some oldies but goldies: Pricetag - Jessie J feat. Bruno Mars,Devil - Cash Cash,Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz,Intoxicated - Martin Solveig
 Best new year party you've been to...will be the one next year :)
 At midnight you'll be.. Watching a horror movie
What resolutions will you be making for 2017
Stay tuned to my insta for Yenskiboo's 2 weeks of New Years Resolutions!

Whatever you’re planning we hope you have a fantastic new year’s eve, and if you haven’t got your outfit yet check out our party dresses!