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10 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Do you hate it when your new white shirt comes out of the wash pink? Do you wonder why your favorite sweater has stretched and is completely the wrong shape? Or unsure what to do with black jeans that have faded but still fit you? If you answered yes, to at least one of then above, we’re here to help! We put together a run down of 10 ways to make sure your clothes will last several months or years, rather than a few months!
1. Pre washing organization
Just a few simple things to consider before you start washing. Always sort items into colors first - Darks, lights and whites. It may sound tedious but trust us its worth spending a few extra minutes to sort your laundry as you don’t want all your whites to turn pink! Another thing to consider is making sure all zippers are done up to prevent them catching on other fabrics and causing snags. Its also a good idea to turn dark colors inside out to help them retain their dark shade.
2. Know when to use chemicals and when not to!
Invest in a good stain removed. If you don’t have one at home, just rub washing up liquid on to the stain before the item is added to the washing machine. Never use fabric softer on sportswear, it damages their fast dry or sweat resistant properties.
3. Wash less
We’re not saying you should never wash your clothes, but be smart with the amount of times you wash items. Over washing leads to damage of fabrics, snagging and piling. When it's time to wash you should also consider washing at a lower temperature, not only is it kinder on fabrics but the environment too!
4. Air dry, not tumble dry
Even though you may think it will save time having your clothes thrown around a tumbler dry at a high heat, it won't do them no good in the long run. It damages fibres in fabrics and cause possible shrinkage. If you’re drying items au naturel make sure you dry whites outside and dark colors inside, in order to prevent dark hues fading.
5. Steam Fresh
Its time to invest in a steamer not only are they super fast and easy to use, but kinder on your clothing too. Over time ironing will weaken fabrics and reduce their longevity. If you do prefer to iron, just make sure your iron is set at the correct temperature for the fabric your ironing. Delicate fabrics and high temperatures are not a match made in heaven.
6. Don’t discard, just give a refresh
We’ve all been there, your favorite dark hue pieces fade over time, they still fit your perfectly but no longer possess their glorious dark shade. So you just discard them. Well its time to give them a refresh in the form of re-dying, its easy to do at home and can breath new life into dark colored items.
7. Protection is better than cure
This phrase can apply to so many different life situations and its no expectation when taking care of leather or suede items. Before you wear for the first time, spray leather or suede items with a specialist protector. Also make sure you condition regularly to help keep their skin looking its best!
8. Make do and mend
Its time to put those sewing skills into practice, you don’t need to be a Chanel couture artisan to do basic repairs. Just make sure you have a simple sewing kit in order to sew back on buttons or tidy up loose hems. If you have a lot of knitwear it might be worth investing in a cashmere comb or sweater stone to remove pilling. For more tips on how to care for cashmere, check out our previous blog post here.
9. Hanging vs Folding
The billion-dollar question when it comes to clothing storage is; when should I fold and when should I hang items? Never hang knitwear, as it can cause items to become misshapen or stretched. Just fold and stack on top of each other, plus it will free up extra hanger space in your closet. However, suits and shirts should be hung in order to keep their shape and prevent any creases forming.
10. Proper storage is key
When it comes to clothing storage, its not just about hanging or folding. Shoes, bags and occasion wear will benefit from being stored in dust bags. If you don’t have any dust bags, old pillow cases work just as well. Just don’t use plastic storage bags as stores unnecessary moisture which can lead to mold. Stuff shoes/ bags to help them keep their shape.

We hoped you picked up some useful tips and just remember that everything deserves a little TLC now and again. That includes your clothes too, so with just a little extra consideration you can make them last longer!


We hoped you picked up some useful tips and just remember that everything deserves a little TLC now and again. That includes your clothes too, so with just a little extra consideration you can make them last longer!