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Guiltless is the world’s premier luxury consignment site offering up to 80% off pre-loved and off-season designer apparel, handbags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches and lifestyle products.

Featuring free international consignment pick-ups, a thoughtfully curated collection, express global shipping and luxury service unprecedented among pre-owned retailers, Guiltless will quickly become the global destination for pre-bought luxury fashion.

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Why Guiltless?

Guiltless vouches for fashion sustainability, for the wallet, the closet, and our entire stock of luxurious inventory.
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Free Your Closet, Free Your Mind

No more guilt over overstuffed wardrobes – shoppers can finally rid themselves of unwanted possessions and free up precious closet space!

Second-Hand Goods, First-Class Service

Luxury goods must always come with luxurious customer care and pampering, regardless of being brand-new or pre-loved

Fashion Without Frontiers

Express global shipping and free international pick-ups bring us unique items from every corner of the world, col-md-ning a variety of seasons and styles

Designer Brands, Contemporary Goods

We pride ourselves over our beautiful up-to-date product selection – 80’s shoulder-padded corduroy need not apply!

Encourage Style, Not Just Trends

Believing in quality over quantity, we work to encourage personal style and not just trend-following

Resell, Reuse, Guilt Less!

In contrast to cheap fashion tossed in the trash, quality purchases enjoy much longer life cycles and retain their value for future resale


Global Consignments

Guiltless is a pioneer in accepting consignments from all over the world. The best part? We pick it up wherever you are for free

Superior Luxury Service

With luxurious packaging, professional photography, express DHL service and intricate restoration work, Guiltless is able to charge a premium yet still remain competitive

Selective Curation

Our exclusive curation guarantees buyers a delightful shopping experience – items worthy of your closet only, vintage-party oufits need not apply!

Limited Editions

Looking for a Chanel snow globe? What about a Louis Vuitton world-cup soccer ball or dice set? Whatever rare novelty items you’re looking for, we have quite the selection!

Buy More, Sell More, Guilt Less!

Be the first to know about our latest news and product collection -
exciting things are just around the bend and we'd hate for you to miss out !