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Guiltless is the world’s premier luxury consignment site offering up to 80% off pre-loved and off-season designer apparel, handbags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches and lifestyle products.

Featuring free international consignment pick-ups, a thoughtfully curated collection, express global shipping and luxury service unprecedented among pre-owned retailers, Guiltless will quickly become the global destination for pre-bought luxury fashion.

And remember: Buy More, Sell More, Guilt Less!



  • Free Your Closet, Free Your Mind No more guilt over overstuffed wardrobes – shoppers can finally rid themselves of unwanted possessions and free up precious closet space! 

  • Second-Hand Goods, First-Class Service Luxury goods must always come with luxurious customer care and pampering, regardless of being brand-new or pre-loved

  • Fashion Without Frontiers Express global shipping and free international pick-ups bring us unique items from every corner of the world, spanning a variety of seasons and styles

  • Designer Brands, Contemporary Goods We pride ourselves over our beautiful up-to-date product selection 80’s shoulder-padded corduroy need not apply!

  • Encourage Style, Not Just Trends Believing in quality over quantity, we work to encourage personal style and not just trend-following

  • Resell, Reuse, Guilt Less! In contrast to cheap fashion tossed in the trash, quality purchases enjoy much longer life cycles and retain their value for future resale

Guiltless vouches for fashion sustainability, for the wallet, the closet, and our entire stock of luxurious inventory ☺




Yen – Founder of Guiltless (…and the true Guiltless Shopaholic!)

"Founding Guiltless was a natural progression for me! The idea popped up in college when I witnessed the huge amount of wastage in modern-day fashion – girls rarely wore the same dress to events, personal tastes kept evolving and so did wardrobes, more and more people starting shopping online and falling victim to the Final Sale (grrr!)… Consignment websites became mainstays on everyone’s internet bookmarks. When I moved back to Asia though, I was so disappointed to learn that online consignment just wasn't available outside of the US or Europe! That's where Guiltless comes in. Our goal? To be the premier online luxury consignment store providing quality and longevity over fast fashion, while bringing luxury goods to people all over the world at an affordable price point. We can't wait to see how Guiltless is going to grow and expand over time!"


Four Fun Facts:

  1. Stanford junior-year-elected Phi Beta Kappa… nerding out much!
  2. A SUPER tomboy growing up, little Yen wore tuxes to Christmas parties
  3. Yen’s previous work experience spans journalism, banking, hospitality, real estate and even palm oil refining!?
  4. Achilles heel – all things weird and quirky: Moschino’s teddy bear dress, Chanel’s meat packaged bag, Judith Leiber’s unicorn shaped clutch… Ahhh!


Edwina – Operations Omnipotent

The all-seeing mother hen of the office, Edwina makes sure everything runs smoothly. While battling sneak ex-contractors and our scary DHL guy, Edwina still manages to make sure all goods are stored correctly and everyone is warm and happy!

Four Fun Facts:

  1. Having lived in London until 2013, Edwina studied at the London College of Fashion holding down jobs at Topshop, Kurt Geiger and more!
  2. Beware, Edwina remembers people by their outfits, and never forgets….
  3. An avid analogue camera collector, Edwina scours the earth to add rare and unique pieces to her collection
  4. Achilles heel – yummy cheese, hula-hoops and Shrimps (the brand ☺)


Viney – Master of Merchandise

Having a wealth of fashion experience (not to mention enviable work experience at Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana!) and an eye for awesome, Viney is responsible for curating, managing and quality-controlling all the amazing merchandise we have.

Four Fun Facts:

  1. Despite growing up in Canada, Viney’s NEVER had Canadian maple syrup
  2. …she HAS had fried scorpions though, so that’s ok.
  3. Viney’s office uniform? An off-shoulder top and Lululemon leggings!
  4. Achilles heel – sleep. 14-16 hours a day please!


Kris – Styling Supernova

A graduate of the Hong Kong Design Institute, Kris is the youngest member and resident diva of the Guiltless office. Between assisting in photoshoots and product styling, Kris provides priceless comic relief and spontaneous karaoke opportunities.

Four Fun Facts:

  1. Despite being the only boy in the office, Kris’ voice is by far the highest pitched...!
  2. A sucker for all things colorful, Kris’ trademark dish is rainbow steak. Don’t ask.
  3. Kris would give an arm (and probably a leg) to be reborn as Whitney Houston
  4. Achilles heel – Balmain. Balmain. Oh, and Kinder chocolate.