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Returns Policy

Bought something from us that…

  1. Doesn’t fit?
  2. Isn’t your style?
  3. You‘ve changed your mind on?

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there before!
At Guiltless, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply request a return and have DHL come pick it up from your doorstep within 7 calendar days of receiving the order. 

Fast and easy – just the way it should be!

Please note that items on Guiltless have been pre-owned by a third-party. Please read the description and condition of an item as well as inspect all images carefully before purchasing ☺


Step 1: Fill out our Returns Form within 7 calendar days of receiving your order
Step 2: We will email you a DHL Airway Bill and a Returns Invoice for the items to be returned
Step 3: Pack your returns securely and print out the DHL Airway Bill and Returns Invoice
Step 4: DHL will email you to schedule a pick-up from your doorstep. 
Please make sure the pick-up date is within 7 days of receiving your order!
Step 5: Upon arrival at Guiltless, you will obtain a refund via the following options:

  1. Guiltless store credit without expiry (less return shipping fees)
  2. Refund via original payment method (less return shipping and a nominal handling fee of US$20 per item)

Please note though that if DHL is unable to collect your return because there is no one available at the specified address, or you have provided an incorrect or incomplete collection address, a nominal handling fee of US$20 or more might be charged for each repeat collection trip.

For more information on shipping fees, please refer to DHL’s website.

  1. Items that are sold as “Final Sale”
  2. The Returns Form is not sent to us within the 7-day return window, or is incomplete
  3. The DHL pick-up is scheduled past the 7-day return window
  4. Your returns are not the items sold to you by us
  5. Your returns are sent to us using a courier other than Guiltless’ account with DHL
  6. Items are returned in a condition different to how they were initially shipped (including tags modified, tampered with or removed; or shoes without the original shoe box if provided)

Store credit refunds will be credited to your account within 1 week of Guiltless receiving your returns. Depending on the pick-up location, returns take 1-10 working days to arrive at our Guiltless HQ via DHL Express Worldwide.

PayPal and credit card refunds may take around 2 weeks to complete, depending on PayPal and your bank’s processing time. This can vary greatly between card issuers, and unfortunately we are unable to control the timing ? ☹ !

Customs duties and sales taxes paid by you upon delivery will not be refunded by Guiltless. However, you may be able to recover any duties paid by contacting your local customs bureau directly… Keep in mind though that this service may not be available in all countries! ☹ !

Initial shipping fees, unless the order was returned or cancelled due to our own Guiltless fault (in which case we WILL be guilty eeks!), unfortunately cannot be refunded when you return any or all items from your order ☹ sorry!

Usually yes!

  • When you return an item purchased using Guiltless store credit, Referral Coupons or One-off Discount Coupons (a.k.a. a lumpsum discount off your order total), you will have the refund credited right back as Guiltless store credit first, then any excess will be refunded to your original payment method ☺
  • When you return an item purchased using a Per-item Discount Coupon however, the discount value cannot be credited back since it was applied to multiple items from your order (yes, even if your order is returned in its entirety – sorry!)

Please note however that Guiltless reserves the right to close a customer’s account in the case of fraud, deception of suspicion of illegal activities in connection with the use of discount or promo codes and Referral Coupons.

Have no fear!

Even if you pass your 7-calendar-day returns window and are no longer eligible for a direct refund, Guiltless can help re-consign your purchased items, as long as they are still in acceptable sellable condition.

Like all other consignments, DHL will come pick it up from your doorstep free of charge. This way you don’t even have to bear the return shipping costs when you “return” an item to us (as consignments)!

For more information on consignment, check out our Consignment Guidelines!

If for any reason you choose to send us an ineligible item or an item unaccounted for in the Returns Form, we will contact you via email within 10 working days of receiving the item to enquire whether:

  1. You wish to re-consign the item by providing further details and completing our Consignment Form
  2. You wish us to return the item to you (which shall be at your risk and expense including paying the two-way shipping fees as well as a nominal handling fee of US$20)
  3. You wish us to donate the item to a charity of our choice

Trust and authenticity are our top priorities at Guiltless, so we have a ZERO tolerance policy for counterfeit goods.

If you receive a purchase that is suspected to be counterfeit, please notify us and have the item picked up by DHL within 7 calendar days (in the original condition with original tags attached of course!). We will gladly offer free return shipping, issue a full refund and look into the source of the suspected item. This policy extends to all items, even those marked “final sale” 

Please note however, any returns made after the 7-day return window or without Guiltless tags attached, whether suspected to be counterfeit or not, cannot be accepted. Buyers are therefore strongly encouraged to carefully inspect their purchases before the 7-day return window elapses and before cutting off any Guiltless tags!

In the event that a returned item…

  • Is deemed to also be suspicious by Guiltless standards, the item will be provided to authorities for tracking down the source of the item and we will gladly issue a full refund in addition to the free return shipping, and provide special coupons and/or store credit compensation as a token of our deepest apologies
  • Passes our Guiltless authenticity checks upon further examination and inspection, buyers can choose to:
    • Obtain full refund less one-way shipping and a handling fee of HK$150
    • Pay for two-way shipping and have the item returned back to you
    • Re-consign the item by providing further details and completing a new Consignment Form
    • Donate the item to a charity of our choice

Please refer to our Authenticity Promise for more details.

For further information, please carefully read our Buyer’s Terms & Conditions.

More questions? Please refer to our FAQs or you can always Contact Us! ☺