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Consignment Guidelines

One person’s guilt is another one’s gold!

Don't we all have…

  • Impulse Buys: Things you’ve purchased on a whim but don’t actually need
  • Repeat Offenders: Pieces you’ve worn and cannot wear again
  • Once Upon A Time: Items you used to adore but have outgrown
  • Deja Vus: Things you bought only to discover your friends have the same
  • Gift Dilemmas: Well-meant gifts that cannot be returned…

People around the world, despair no more – there is finally a cure to these headaches!

Guiltless is the premier destination for pre-loved luxury fashion. Pairing a fuss-free experience tailored for global consumers and consignors with carefully curated inventory and absolute anonymity, we will quickly become your guilt-free pleasure ☺




Guiltless currently accepts items that are: 

  • From luxury designer labels (please refer to our Designers List)
  • Women’s apparel, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches and lifestyle products
    (plans to include menswear and kidswear are just around the corner!)
  • Modern, in fashion and not intended for vintage costume parties
  • 100% authentic
  • Received with a truthful, accurate and detailed Consignment Form
  • New or well-maintained pre-loved items without major defects



Lets Get Started! 

Step 1

Fill out our online Consignment Form 

( *Please Log In or Create an acount to fill in the form) 

Step 2

We will email you a DHL Airway Bill and Commercial Invoice for all items we accept

Step 3

Pack these items securely, and print out the DHL Airway Bill and Commercial Invoice

Step 4

DHL will come for a FREE pick-up right at your doorstep
(DHL will bring you Guiltless security tags, if applicable – please attach the tags to necessary items as indicated on the Commercial Invoice!)

Step 5

Upon arrival at Guiltless, we will email you a confirmation list of the items

Step 6

Your items are then pampered to saleable condition and showcased on our online platform alongside other treasures from people just like yourself

Step 7

Enjoy your newfound wardrobe space and wait for the $ to roll in!


Selling Commission & Other Fees

Country of Consignment Per item commission being the higher of:
Hong Kong, Macau US$40 30-35% selling price
China, Korea US$55 35% selling price
Japan, South East Asia US$60 40% selling price
Australia, Fiji, New Zealand US$65 40% selling price
USA, Canada, Mexico US$75 45% selling price
Europe, South America, South Asia US$75 45% selling price
Middle East, Africa US$95 55% selling price
Outlying islands US$95 55% selling price

Please note that if DHL is unable to collect an item because there is no one available at the specified address, or you have provided an incorrect or incomplete collection address, a DHL Repeat Collection Fee of US$20 or more might be taken for each repeat collection trip.

Certain items may incur an Advanced Treatment Fee in the unlikely situation that dry-cleaning or basic repair services are not sufficient to restore it to a saleable condition. 

This fee is equivalent to the higher of US$20 or 10% of the final Selling Price. 
Consignors will be notified in these situations and have the right to approve such Advanced Treatments, or pay for return shipping and have the items returned without additional cost.


You will be notified of your successful sale 2-3 weeks after your item has been purchased and de-listed from our website – this is to ensure that no false celebrations occur in case the purchaser decides to return or exchange the product ☺ woohoo!

Your sales proceeds will then be accumulated and automatically credited to you on the 14th or 28th of every month via your preferred method as indicated in your Consignment Form:

    1.    Guiltless store credit without expiry + EXTRA 3%!
    2.    Bank transfer
    3.    Paypal transfer

Please note that transfers may take around two weeks to complete, depending on your financial institution’s processing time!


By default, all orders are shipped with insurance via DHL express global shipping until they reach our Headquarters in Hong Kong.

For insurance purposes only, we have a fixed standard value range for different product categories, which varies according to our previous sales history, experience, the item’s brand, material, cut, size and style etc.

Please note that the item value declared for insurance purposes with DHL Express Worldwide shipping is NOT necessarily the price your item will be listed on our website for!

Please don’t!

For any last minute items that you wish to consign but were not listed in your Consignment Form, please fill in a separate Consignment Form and we’ll arrange for another DHL pick-up.

Please take care in correctly describing your items’ conditions in the Consignment Form, or we might have to reject them after inspection!  In that unfortunate case, you may:

  1. Provide more details on the items and re-negotiate the Target Price Ranges
  2. Have us return the items to you by paying two-way shipping fees plus a handling fee of US$20 per item
  3. Request to have the items donated to a charity of our choice
  4. Accompanying role to press events, interviews and other functions
  5. General administrative duties and other ad-hoc tasks

The Guiltless security tag system was created to further protect high-value items from our consignors. For certain items that are deemed high-risk with regards to counterfeits, DHL will deliver purple Guiltless security tags, and consignors are encouraged to sign and secure such tags around the specific items (as indicated in their Commercial Invoice) before sending them to us!

  1. When you first fill out the Consignment Form online, you will be required to state the acceptable price range you would like your product to be sold at
    • Upper limit – your ideal selling price
    • Lower limit – the amount below of which you would rather have the item back
  2. Our Guiltless team will determine a starting price within your acceptable price range, based on our previous sales history, the item’s brand, material, cut, size…

If after examining and restoring your item we consider your price range unsuitable, we will email you a revised price range and starting price. If an agreement cannot be reached, we will return the item to you at your return shipping expense. If we do not receive a response from you within 3 days of our reaching out, it shall be assumed that you agree with the proposed prices!

If your item remains unsold at its starting price for more than 3 months, Guiltless will automatically re-list the item at a 15%-off discounted price. Further discounts will then be applied automatically every subsequent 2 months at increments of 30%, 50% and 70%-off, unless otherwise instructed.

Period Automatically re-list the item at
More than 3 months 15% off
5 months 30% off
7 months 50% off
9 months 70% off

If your item remains unsold for 2 months at 70% off (a total of 11 months after its first listing), our Guiltless Team will contact you via email for further discounting or other arrangements. Failure to respond to our repeated messages within 1 month will render your item “unclaimed,” thereby allowing Guiltless full authority to sell the item at any price (selling price less commission will still be credited to you upon the sale of your item) or donate it to charity, unless otherwise instructed.

As the consignor, you may at any time request for your unsold items to be returned to you. However, you are strongly encouraged to keep your consigned item(s) with us for at least 9 months or until it has been sold.

  1. If you want your item back after 11 months of it being listed (and not sold) on our website, all you need to pay is return shipping fees back to you.
  2. If you want your item back after 9-10 months of it being listed (and not sold) on our website, you will need to pay return shipping fees back to you as well as a US$40 handling fee for the cleaning and restoration work done on your item
  3. If you want your item back before 9 months of it being listed (and not sold) on our website, you will then need to pay for both pick-up and return shipping fees plus a handling fee calculated as the higher of either US$40 or 70% of your total commission based on the Selling Price at the time of your withdrawal request

Bear in mind that this policy only applies if someone else has not yet bought your item. After your item is sold, neither you nor us at Guiltless will have control over its future.

Absolutely not!

Guiltless prides itself over the complete anonymity and privacy promised to all consignors and purchasers alike. Your real name, identity and contact information will NEVER be disclosed to third-parties.

However, in the event that an item is suspected to be counterfeit, Guiltless will fully cooperate with authorities and reveal any and all information of consignors submitting such products. Please refer to our Authenticity Promise for more info!

  1. Finally a well-curated collection, free from outdated thrift store items!
  2. Free consignment pick-ups, wherever you are in the world
  3. Express global insured shipping by DHL
  4. A level of luxury service unprecedented among pre-owned retailers:
    • Professional model-shot product listing photos
    • We deal with all buyers’ queries and problems on your behalf
    • All shipping, insurance, processing and returns is taken cared of by us

Guiltless consignors can rest assured knowing that their items will reach not only a wide client base but also fetch one of the highest possible prices with us ☺

As for commission? It’s one of the lowest and most competitive around!

Counterfeit Policy

Guiltless maintains a strict zero tolerance policy on all counterfeit items. All items that pass through Guiltless undergo stringent authenticity checks. In the event that a consigned item is found to be counterfeit, it will be handed over to law enforcement for documentation and subsequently returned to you by Guiltless after you submit payment for its two-way shipping fees. The item may be used against you in legal proceedings. You will be notified of further actions by the relevant law enforcement agencies. 

Please be aware that Guiltless fully cooperates with authorities and related luxury brands to track down the source of counterfeit goods and will reveal any and all contact information of consignors submitting such products. 

For more information on authenticity at Guiltless, please click here.

For further information, please carefully read our Consignor’s Terms and Conditions.
More questions? Please refer to our FAQs or you can always Contact Us! ☺