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Authenticity Promise

Shopping for pre-owned luxury goods online can be DAUNTING – having to worry about the products’ delivery date, size, fitting and even authenticity!

We at Guiltless strive to make our process as transparent and hassle-free as possible. Trust and authenticity are our top priorities, so we have a ZERO tolerance policy for counterfeit goods.

Rest assured that nothing but our very best effort will be dedicated to ensuring authenticity and precise conditions as described on our website. 


In order to protect you:

  • We require our consignors to provide proof of purchases whenever possible
  • Guiltless works directly with professional third-party authenticators and certain designer houses for authentication
  • All of our items go through stringent Multi-Point Checks for their necessary details, including but not limited to:
    • Material and craftsmanship
    • Hardware
    • Stitching
    • Authenticity stamps
    • Hologram stickers
    • Date codes
    • Serial numbers…
  • Using our exclusive Guiltless security tag system, we keep disputes to a minimum and consignors can rest assured that nothing but their original items will be returned to them if so requested
  • We offer a fast and easy 7-days Returns Policy
    So please inspect your purchases before the 7-day return window elapses and before cutting off any Guiltless tags!
  • Payment to the original consignor is withheld for 14 working days until the buyer receives and is satisfied with the item


If you suspect an item is counterfeit:

  • Please notify us and schedule your DHL pick-up of the item in question within 7 calendar days
  • This policy extends to all items, even those marked “Final Sale” 

Warning: In accordance with our Returns Policy however, any returns made after the 7-day return window or without Guiltless tags attached cannot be accepted, whether or not they are suspected to be counterfeit


In the event that a returned item…

Is suspicious by professional authenticator standards

  • The item will be handed over to authorities for further tracking of its source
  • We will issue a full refund in addition to the complimentary return shipping, and provide special coupons and/or store credit compensation to the returner as a token of our apologies

If an item sent to us whether from a consignor or returner is suspected to be counterfeit, Guiltless will fully cooperate with authorities and related luxury brands in tracking down the source of counterfeit items. This includes, but is not limited to revealing the identity and contact information of consignors and returners submitting such goods. 



Is authentic and passes our professional authenticator‘s inspection, returners can choose to:

  1. Obtain full refund less return shipping and a handling fee of US$20
    (Please refer to our Returns Policy for more information!)
  2. Pay for two-way shipping and have the item returned back to you
  3. Re-consign the item by providing further details and completing a new Consignment Form
  4. Donate the item to a charity of our choice

Please note that if the returned item was bought on “Final Sale”, returners will only be eligible for options 2-4 above.

For further information, please carefully read our Terms & Conditions.
More questions? Please refer to our FAQs or you can always Contact Us! ☺